Playstation 4's 1st week, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Pox talk with Couch guy about PS4's first week. Sony sold out of 1 million PS4's on Friday, fastest selling console ever Good Real 1080p gameplay 4k games movies possible Where are the 4k TVs? 2 ½ Real Sony games at lunch that show the systems power Kill Zone Knack Playroom Bad Most games are ports of PS3 games Can't play ps1,ps2 or ps3 games So WTF can you play?! Can't play CD's (who Cares???) But does it support media streaming formats? (i.e. What are these Ceee-Deees you speak of?) 3D blu ray and 3D games are gone (who Cares???) This goes in the section above (thank god) ;) Ugly PSN network down most of 1st day 1 in 250 DOA - Blue Light of Death - repaired unit or replacement in 5-7 days Some Systems dying during 1st update Unable to eject discs 0.4% of systems are being affected
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