Drones 101 - 1st Drone with auto follow

Pox and DrPwnsu go over some tips and tricks for getting a personal drone.
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4k Video Recording on Android - Higher Bitrate Hacks

4k video on a cell phone can good! By default 35mbps is too low for any motion to stay sharp. Most 4k cell phone video looks worse then full HD. Now you can hack your phone to more than triple the bitrate.

First root your phone

LG G3 Hack

Note 3 Hack

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Chromecast Tips and Tricks

Pox shows how to get the best quality out of the Chromecast. Also how to watch normal Hulu on a TV with out paying for Hulu Plus.
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NookColor to Tablet via phiremod

Couchguy gives a walkthrough on turning your Nook Color into a full Tablet.
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Android 2.2 Froyo on the G1 and My Touch

How to upgrade the 1st Google phones to the latest Android OS 2.2, codenamed Froyo.
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