Drones 101 - 1st Drone with auto follow

Pox and DrPwnsu go over some tips and tricks for getting a personal drone.
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Commute Cast: iPhone 6 Plus Launch

Pox and DrPwnsU drive back from Denver with Hatch. Learn about the line and the new phone.
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Home Brew Cosplay - SLC Comic Con 2014

Cheif Spaghetti and Pox go to Comic Con in Salt Lake. They interview the Cosplayers on how they made their costumes
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Bitcoin Mining 101

DrPwNsU and Pox tell you every think you need to know and more about Bitcoin mining.
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4k Video Recording on Android - Higher Bitrate Hacks

4k video on a cell phone can good! By default 35mbps is too low for any motion to stay sharp. Most 4k cell phone video looks worse then full HD. Now you can hack your phone to more than triple the bitrate.

First root your phone

LG G3 Hack

Note 3 Hack

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Defcon 22 Recap

All the fun at Defcon Hacker Conference.
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X Ploit - Defcon 22 X-Hour Film

Too Smart Guys' Defcon 22's - T.D. Francis X-Hour Film Contest Entry

Pox and DrPwnsU saw film contest table at Defcon. They had to make a short sci fi film in less then 48 hours with no real budget. See what happen if you over power a Defcon badge.

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LIve Drive to Defcon 2014

Pox and Drpwnsu Talk Defcon driving from Wyoming to Vegas
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SSD's 101

Solid State Drives!!!
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